I Will Create A Customized Logo And Branding With Identity Suite

Posted 02 months 19 days 16 hours 47 minutes ago.
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I create brands, identities, stories, packaging, websites, collateral, and assets for human beings and their aspirations. My process is much more extensive than the average designer, however I try to keep the experience as simple and seamless for you to focus on you.

What I Do

Every project I do results in one-of-a-kind branding and graphics that reflect the unique qualities of my clients. I don't simply have a template for logos and "just throw your company name in there" like a lot of other designers will do just to make a quick buck. That completely defeats the purpose of branding.

What IS Branding, Exactly?
Just how important can a first impression can be? Career experts say it takes just three seconds from meeting you for someone to determine whether they like you or want to do business with you. Branding is creating a specifically tailored look to act as the "handshake" or first impression for your company. Would you wear stained, tattered clothing with no shoes to a job interview? Probably not. Your company having a shitty brand is comparable to this scenario. Invest in a nice outfit; it could be the difference between landing a job or not.